About moBella

:: About moBella Bags ::
If you use a walker, scooter or wheelchair you may struggle with where to put your things. You can only place so many things in your pockets and doing so can be a literal pain. If you use a purse it may end up on your lap or may be difficult to carry without it falling from your shoulder.

moBella believes that everyone should have a convenient, stress-free way to carry and access their belongings. There are plenty of plain totes on the market that might do the job, but moBella bags offer both functionality and style. All of our bags are made from durable, high quality fabric and feature clasps or buckles that are easy to open and close. Many of our bags also include adjustable straps to meet your needs.

:: How I Got Started ::
After volunteering at the Assisted Living Facility my daughter works at, I met a woman with MS. She was paying big bucks to have her purses altered to fit her power wheelchair while other people in the facility tied grocery bags to their walkers and wheelchairs or used boring navy canvas tote bags.

The lightbulb turned on ... Why can't you have beautiful walker and wheelchair bags - why do they have to be plain and ugly tote bags? I went home and took out my sewing machine and voila!

And the name, of course... Mobility made Beautiful... moBella!

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